Veda on the Issues

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  • High standards for students, teachers, and facilities is critical to success. Schools must be kept in good repair, resources must be available for teachers and students to ensure success, and teachers and students should be held to a high standard to ensure professional and academic success. In turn, this will help lower teacher turnover rates and promote positive relationships between teachers, their students, and their families.

  • Encouraging community engagement between schools, their students, and the surrounding communities is crucial. It truly takes a village to raise a child, and everyone benefits when teachers and students feel supported by the community. 

  •  Families want to know how much is being spent by the school district and what kind of support their child is receiving. By increasing transparency, we can grow stronger relationships between our schools, residents, and those elected to serve.


Senior Services

  • Seniors are some of our most vulnerable residents, and elected officials must protect them. Seniors must have a right to live as they wish. Ward 7 must increase access to elder care facilities and assisted living facilities for those who require further assistance with everyday tasks, as well as increased resources for those who wish to continue to live independently.

  • We must ensure a high quality of life for our seniors. Keeping drug prices and the cost of living low while ensuring access for the medical care seniors need to remain independent and healthy is crucial to the collective health of our community.



  • Ward 7 has long suffered inadequate resources, and the lack of grocery stores is a continuing issue in our communities. The food insecurity much of our Ward suffers leads to other health issues, such as diabetes and obesity, and is creating generations of people suffering from chronic but preventable illnesses. We must make food deserts a thing of the past and give access to high-quality and healthy food to every resident of Ward 7.

  • It is unacceptable that Ward 7 residents need to leave our Ward to get high-quality emergency healthcare services. Opening a hospital East of the Anacostia River tailored specifically to the needs of our community will save lives, encourage healthier habits, and bring jobs to our Ward.

  • Washington, DC has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the country, and Ward 7 mothers suffer from this statistic at higher rates than almost everywhere else in the city. No mother should fear for the safety of herself or her baby due to a lack of access to quality prenatal care and birthing facilities. It is imperative that we aggressively address racial and socioeconomic disparities in maternal and infant health.


Public Safety

  • Gun violence is an issue that is always top of mind for all of us in Ward 7. That needs to end. No one should have to live in fear of gun violence and no family should have to mourn the senseless death of a loved one. To reduce this violence, we need proven public-health strategies that treat violence like a disease that can be interrupted, treated, and stopped from spreading. We must act aggressively to take and keep illegal guns off our streets. 

  • The recent increase in crime is not a problem that we can simply police our way out of with the same tactics we’ve been employing for decades. We must emphasize rehabilitation in our criminal justice system because locking people up without working to repair the root issues of criminal behavior creates a vicious cycle of crime and generational trauma. 

  • Our children need education and support, not handcuffs and a rap sheet. We need to promote reforms in our juvenile justice system to encourage rehabilitation and minimize recidivism, which will help our children grow up to be contributing members to our community.

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Economic Empowerment

  • So many of our Ward 7 residents are in danger of being priced out of neighborhoods they have lived in their whole lives. By focusing on revitalization rather than gentrification, we can keep our neighborhoods affordable places to live without discouraging economic growth. 

  • Despite economic growth in most of the District, Ward 7 continues to fall behind on job creation and unemployment. Our Ward has one of the highest levels of unemployment in the District, and in a city where the cost of living continues to rise, that is simply unacceptable. We need to encourage new industries and small businesses alike to give Ward 7 a chance, improve local transportation to make it easier to travel to and from our Ward, and revitalize the history and charm of our community to encourage an increase in tourism by other DC residents and those traveling from out of town.

  • To realize true economic empowerment for Ward 7, encouraging entrepreneurship and locally-owned businesses is important. We must incentivize business ownership by Ward 7 residents to diversify our local economy and grow opportunities in every neighborhood.